Chrissy (butterflyclip) wrote in patil100,

Title: Tradition.
Rating: G.
Word Count: 100.
Pairings: Parvati/Harry.
Challenge: #14 - Holidays.
Team: Bangles!
Author's Notes (A/N): Decidedly AU. Heh. Other than that, it's my veryfirstdrabble, so while concrit is welcome, please don't be cruel! Hehe.

Parvati insisted she stayed Hogwarts this winter holiday because she heard the castle was always beautifully decorated for Christmas, and it would be her last year to see it.

Everyone else knew it was because her boyfriend always stayed for the Christmas holiday, and it would be her last chance to spend it with him here.

And so, it was no surprise when she was found in the commonroom, standing under the mistletoe, with her lips perfectly pursed, just when said boyfriend came down the stairs from his dorm on Christmas Eve.

“Its tradition!” she insisted, and Harry obliged.
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