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Title: Better Together
Word Count: 100
Character/Pairings: Parvati, Padma, hints of H/P
Summary: Parvati makes a decision. (Post HBP)
Rating: G
Challenge: Crying
Team: Beauty

‘You’re going to risk your life for a boy who’s never going to notice you?’

Parvati continued to pack without looking up at her twin. ‘We’re all at risk now. I’m not going to run away like a coward.’

‘Mum and Dad won’t understand, you know.’

‘They never listen anyway. All they want to do is go back home; well, this is my home. I’m staying to fight.’

Padma’s eyes were bright with tears. ‘I’m not letting you do this alone.’

It never occurred to Parvati to say no. All their lives wherever one went, the other had always followed.
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