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Title: Breakfast
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Character(s)/Pairings: H/P
Challenge: Shopping
Team: Beauty

Harry thought grocery shopping would be relaxing, since they wouldn’t be looking at clothing and shoes but he’d been very mistaken. Parvati confused dishwashing liquid for juice and didn’t understand why there were so many different types of toothpaste.

‘It’s just pointless! Muggles are weird,’ she said affectionately, loading yet another box of cereal in the trolley.

‘I resent that,’ replied Harry.

‘That was the point.’

‘Don’t we have enough breakfast already?’ There were now seven boxes.

‘I like breakfast.’ She winked at him. ‘We’ll pick up cream, ok?’

‘Okay,’ he agreed, grinning. ‘You can never have enough cereal, anyway.’
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