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Books are Better (PG, Padma/Roger, Parvati/Oliver)

Title: Books are Better
Rating: PG
Characters: Padma/Roger, Parvati/Oliver (implied in my head but not the story)
Word Count: 100
Prompt: 10 - Double Date
Team: Brains

Padma preferred an evening with her books. Words were so black and white! They always said exactly what they meant to say, never stumbling over themselves to be understood.

“Could you at least pretend you’re listening?” Parvati hissed as she pulled her menu up to hide her face from the boys. “You look bored.”

“I am bored. I don’t think Roger has said a single word to me all night long. Besides, I don’t know anything about Quidditch.”

Parvati squinted at her sister, ruining the effect of her beauty charm. “You’re from the same house.”

“But not the same planet.”
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