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Double Dates, Problems and Solutions

Title: Double Dates, Problems and Solutions
Rating: G to PG
Word Count: 100.
Character(s)/Pairings: Draco/Parvati, Ron/Hermione
Summary: Parvati has double standards with double dating.
Challenge: Double Date (9)
Team: Beauty
Author's Notes (A/N): :D Comments Appreciated.

“I don’t wanna.” Draco whined, scowling while fixing his cufflinks.

“They’re my friends, Dragon.” Parvati warned quietly, spraying her perfume into the air, “It’s just a double date, not a trip to the guillotine.”

“It’s Granger and Weasel – worse than any death sentence.”

Parvati shrugged, slipping on giant diamond earrings.

“Fine, but next weekend we’ll be doubling with the Goyles. It’s only fair if I go today.” He smirked darkly at his wife’s expression.

Five minutes later found Parvati regretfully firecalling Hermione – Draco had a sudden cold, you see – as the former Slytherin grinned ferally, pulling her toward their bed.
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